Diverse.Democratic.Dazzlingly Dizzy.Dynamic.
Ring a bell????
Okay, let me beat around your brain bush a little more and see what falls out.
A land that if somehow portrayed as a clock, will have the minute and hour hand pointed in diametrically opposite directions, due to its extreme diversity.
A land of tantriks and twitter. Of Jugaad and Golmaal.
Of glittering Malls and Mudhouses. Of Billionaires and Beggars.
Of sex(c’mon we are a country of 2 billion people and we have gotta be coming from somewhere!!!) and Sanskaars.
Of Empowerment and Exploitation where stories of corruption graces our daily lives.

Yes, you got it right. Our great India(Hindustan) of course.
A land of exotic sites and sights.
A land of kamasutra and yoga.
It is a vast country that boasts of state of the art expressways dotted with beautiful cows and their slimy squishy dungs full of promises of domestic uses.
Grin with satisfaction if you have ever:-
1) Seen a signboard that says “LURN ENGLISH FAST….”
2) A graceful, well aimed shower of paan fresh and warm out of the person’s buccal cavity that is enough to challenge an olympic sharpshooter.
3) Buses and trains overflowing with people who are sitting on the roof and hanging on the rails while the insides remain blissfully empty.
Well my dear friends…..the list goes on and on.
So,laden with all these peculiarities and extremities…..our amazing country never ceases to amaze me. Despite the differences, the mind boggling sights and
experiences, despite the daily circuses in our daily lives , the whiff of spice laden aroma from the chatwala shop, or the smear of colours on the face on holi, or
the peppy bollywood numbers that makes your heart groove, is enough to bring zest and zeal back to your life. So an ode to the greatest country there was there ever
will be.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Every Line has such a deep meaning!
    Perfectly put !


    1. SarcasticSatan says:

      thank u very much….


  2. NISHA SANGWAN says:

    i enjoyed it…….


    1. SarcasticSatan says:

      thanks a lot yaar!!!!


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