Panic. Is that the cold shiver which runs down my spine. Panic. Which freezes my body and turns my fingers cold and numb. Panic. Which makes my heart run at twice the normal rate with beads of perspiration down my forehead. Dub lub. dub lub. dub lub. You hear that, that’s my panic swallowing me.I am drowning in the ugly demons of my own stomach. Clawing at the dark fog around me so that I can hold in to something. Can’t see the light from my end of tunnel which resides in never ending vortex of my insecurities. Don’t know what’s at the end, don’t know what’s pulling me down. All I feel is the panic which tells me its going to be one bad fall. Can I survive the fall if it never ends? Or would I suffocate before I make the fall. Wish you could tell me it will be okay, but the dub lub – dub lub –  dub lub drowns your existance away.

Panicked –




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