India vs Pakistan

Who all reading this would be watching India vs Pakistan match? 

All who raised their hands, great.

Who all want India to win?

Amazing, nothing more patriotic than pinning for your own country.

Who all want Pakistan to lose?

Sick, yes if your answer to that is yes it’s sick.

Just across the border, live Pakistanis. You might be just born few miles from there. But lucky you , your country is not associated with the grooming of terrorist. 

But really, is every child born there responsible, are all the hardworking youth there insane? Are all the oldies heartless propagators of violence? Absolutely not. 

So why, why is there so much vehemence behind your idea to make Pakistan loose?

No I’m not a privileged rich girl preaching from the confines of a metropolitan city. 

I am an army brat. I have gone years without seeing my dad who is at borders. I have bitten my nails of when there is a terrorist attack in LOC area he is posted and all lines of communication are cut. 

Do I know there are some people doing wrong in Pakistan,yes. But do I believe being a Pakistani is wrong? Absolutely not. 

Aren’t we the future youth, how can we let a border change the way we act toward people? Sports teaches us many things but definitely not putting each other down. 

So my darling people stop propagating hate in name of sports, I know times are cruel , you are sad, but don’t take it out on innocents who find it difficult to dodge the shadow  they are born with.


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