I am a ruthlessly pedantic engineer doing graduation in college. When I am not greeting random puppies on the street, I love to read, perpetuate my coffee addiction, and spend too much time on social media. I am also also an avid fan of chocolate anything and pj’s for pants. I hope that my future career will involve making people smile and an abundance of travel.


Hola and bonjour. Speaks 4 language including sarcasm. An immaculately introverted being who likes to be wrapped up in her own cocoon of imagination and thoughts,where saving the world from zombie apocalypse and mutant machines to owning a nimbus 2000 and playing quidditch is just a beginner. Prefers books,coffee and music over actual human companionship
and is in a constant committed relationship with food. Aim in life:- become a gypsy and roam the world.