Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap I am stretching pushing I don’t want be trapped inside this elastic plastic wrap I can’t see the elastic plastic warp Just feel it Like I am in a trance when I’m in it Like floating in a dream When I can’t even swim Muted is its characteristic property Being scared becomes mine…

Teenage influence

An endless dark void, I’m sitting there. I tremble in the the vibration of ‘h’ When I hear the muted “gah” exclaimed by you, echo here. You shaking your head in disappointment  Is like slow blurry movement Of your head from Side to side With all your features mixing  So I can focus on that…

Teach me how to To overcome my trepidation And find a solution  To let these moments breeze in my life Without questioning why Just finding in them immense joy.

I’m ignoring WHY’S and focusing on JOY’S You exclaim! ‘the heart tilts to the LEFT, boy’. It’s okay, I’m choosing KIND over RIGHT, Tonight. -c0smic_shit


Maybe I don’t want to let go of this darkness in me.
I want to be able to see the stars always, you see.

The Catcher In The Rye

#shortreview *Recommended for : everyone but phonies and athletic bastards.* Can you relate to teenage angst? Hint:  movie “The breakfast club”. Though the storyline keeps you engaged because of Holden aka the protagonists  personality ie his humour, satire, sarcasm and insights, you keep waiting for something to happen but nothing actually does and it fades…


ONE LINE REVIEW There is something about childlike innocence that makes me smile, that makes me feel, that makes me cry. GIST Wonder makes you really wonder about all these things we take for granted. It could be that friend we have rooting for us, those beautiful eyes we got from our parents, our ears…

Laugh It Off

Laugh it off Hide that awkwardness, You laugh it off I’m sorry for not joining this laughter Because it’s more like a cacophony, to me you see. Those high pitch sounds are, breaking, scraping, the walls, which keep emotion out of my face. Which make it look like, laughing it off, is okay. Now when…

Bloody Heart Break

My whole life feels like a sick hoax
I’m tired of laughing at your lame jokes
Quit telling me what to do
When you have not stepped in my shoes,
Mx “I give an opinion everywhere I go”


H.O.N.E.S.T.Y 🎭🎭🎭🎭🎭 Be honest kid Speak the truth Or the good old lord above  Will strike his wrath and it will do no good. We learn to speak the truth to others, To avoid  confrontations and and unnecessary bothers. But no one teaches us , No one tells us, To “think” the truth. So every…


I cringe I physically shudder and crawl away From these words you say Perfect Be perfect Shreya I can’t get that buzz out of my head It’s where in my nightmares I tread. I have heard it since I could walk on my two legs. Why? Why should I be perfect If I was born…

Book Review: Second Chance by Dr Sandeep Jatwa

Greetings fellas, I was provided a free copy of the following book by @vinfluencers for a honest and unbiased review. Title: Second Chance Author: Dr Sandeep Jatwa Good reads Ratings: 4.20 One-line review It’s a light, fun and motivating read, perfect for when life is hard and you need inspiration. Synopsis This book is about…